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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Haplogroup J2a1 Origins in Greece?

I have been slow to link to Dienekes Anthropology Blog, largely because some of religious and racial views that occassionally crop up there. Nonetheless, Dienekes does a great job of keeping up with the science of genetic and anthropological research in the Mediterranean and elsewhere and I read his blog regularly.

A post entitled Did haplogroup J2a1 originate in Greece?, from December 2005, is a great example of the kind of blogging he does and is relevant to many of the participants in our project. An extract:
However, it could be argued that mobility within the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires may have introduced J2a1 from Anatolia to the Balkans. However, this does not explain the high diversity of J2a1 in Romania and Italy which were little if at all affected by Anatolian populations.Moreover the idea that J2a1 originated in Greece also explains the coastal distribution of J2 in the Mediterranean, observed by Di Giacomo et al.. It is well-known that Greek colonization was especially maritime.
Read the whole thing here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

J2 itself is a Syrid branch of the Arabid J Y-DNA.

Possible origins of J2a1 Y-DNA

#1 The Phoenicians are known for carrying J2 Y-DNA and spreading it all over the coasts of the big Sea

#2 The Roman empire had a Syrian/Anatolian troops stationed in Greece and Italy, the Rome millenia emperor (Phillip the Arab)

#3 The Byzantine & Ottoman empire had many Anatolians settle Greece

Digging down the ancient Greeks bones usually comes up with other genes otherwise you would have heard about it!

8:10 AM  
Blogger YonahZane said...

I am Jewish any Jews that you know of in the J2a1 mtDNA line? yz

10:13 AM  
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Blogger sally western said...

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3:04 AM  
Blogger sally western said...

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Blogger sally western said...

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Blogger Eli Barkhu said...

J1 Haplogroup is the only semitic haplogroup, J2 is either Japhetic or Hamitic, J2 is from Zagros Mountain and Above where Japhetic People Dwelt; Togarmah & His Sons where you find people who speak NON semitic languages Nor Indo european (Madai) BELONG TO J2 Like (Hattians, Hurrians, Etruscans, Ingush, Chechen, Minoan), even some Scientists Said the only semitic Haplogroup is a branch within J1, whitch is J1c3d, Stop Spreading Your semitic lies (Eyal) by trying to take other people's Credits of Civilizations They made, this is sooo Typical arab & Jewish Traits

6:46 AM  

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